Deposition / Processing


LABmaster Pro Glove Box Workstation



Αn integrated system for UV ozone cleaning and creating hydrocarbon-free optical surfaces with improved thin film and UV resin adhesion characteristics.


Spin coater for deposition inside glove box.


Mounting platform for materials to be thermally evaporated. Contains 4 different sources, either crucible- or boat-shaped, shutters, the sample holder and respective quartz sensors for the calculation of real-time deposition rate.

Ossila spin coater

Suitable for solutions with halogenated solvents inside glove box. A different holder design without vaccum enables the handling of flexible substrates.

Laurell spin coater

Suitable for casting water soluble and non-halogenated solvents in ambient air.

NormVac Thermal Evaporator

HV Chamber (base pressure: 10-6 Torr) for protective and multifunctional thin films & coatings growth on to 2D and 3D substrates based on Thermal Evaporation.

Allegra® X-22 Series Benchtop Centrifuge

Commonly used for the separation of components in a complex mixture. Wide variety of use as it concerns separation of organic phases of nanoparticles as well as sedimentation of cells' pellet.

Hielscher ultrasonic probe

Suitable for low liquid sample volumes, an intense sonication zone directly beneath the sonotrode is achieved.

Witeg multi-hotplate stirrer

With stirring speeds of 80-1500 rpm and temperatures ranging up to 350ο C.

Heidolph rotary evaporator

Mainly used for distillation, purification and reusability of alcohol solvents, hence drastically reducing solvent waste.

Lenton tube furnace

With a maximum operating temperature of 1200°C, heating is provided by a resistance wire element wound on to the ceramic work tube. Provides rapid response rates and maximum thermal efficiency and stability.


Three fume hoods for synthesis and manipulation of organic, hybrid and nanocomposite materials

Overview of processing facilities

Overview of processing facilities

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